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Happy Wheels

Explaining the Appeal: Play Happy Wheels Online 101

Happy Wheels

If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat and the Evil Dead series (or if you have an affinity for Gallow’s Humor or Dead Baby Comedy), then perhaps Happy Wheels Online is your cup of tea. It’s filled with people losing their heads, limbs, arms, and other body parts as they go through a sadistic gauntlet. Expect rag doll physics and crash test dummy players in this game.  Play happy wheels online and indulge in some mindless fun and cartoonish gore reminiscent of Happy Tree Friends.

 Happy Wheels

Why Would You Ever Need to Cheat with Happy Wheels?


  • A Fun Game In and Of Itself: Jim Bonacci’s 2010 hit that continues to be played 7 years later by millions of gamers really made a game that’s appropriate for its time of creation, filled with easy-to-hate characters who you’d love to see tortured that are quite fragile and vulnerable. The point of the game is to move the characters (ranging from people in wheelchairs to lawnmowers as well as bikes and racing carts) through a preset or customized track until they cross the finish line without dying.


  • Is There a Need to Cheat Even? The fun of the game comes from seeing the hilarious ways the characters die (who only have protection in the form of helmets at best). You will see them gored, decapitated, flayed, quartered, and so forth. It also has a colorful list of characters worthy of a fighting game, such as the seeming mascot of the series, the Wheelchair Guy, all the way to the Helicopter Dad. There are no stages to finish or a long quest to deal with. You won’t have to fight final bosses either. Why would you even need to cheat on this game that has no end?


  • Cheats Don’t Come in the Form of God Mode: Playing Happy Wheels in God Mode is boring. It’s like playing the game in easy mode where you won’t die. It’s a fun distraction for a short while but then the real fans of the game will again crave for the real appeal of the Happy Wheels series. The true cheats available for Happy Wheels come in the form of hacks and whatnot that allow you to play previous builds of the game or acquire characters that have long been replaced. Hacking also allows you to add customization options on the game.


  • An Animated Series: The Happy Wheels franchise has become popular enough to warrant a web series from Machinima (which has produced series like Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist and Mortal Kombat Legacy). The series involves player characters that live in “The World’s Most Dangerous Community”, thus they’re involved with all sorts of hi-jinks and whatnot in the same vein as Happy Tree Friends but with less a juxtaposition between cuteness and gore. The humor is more about excuses to kill or injure the residents.


This game is certainly a product of its time for sure. It’s appropriately made with Flash (which makes the graphics feel like they’re made of moving pieces of cardboard cutouts) and is a racing or driving browser game with a gory twist to it. The appeal of the game mostly roots on being the epitome of the kind of humor the Internet has back in the late 2000s and the early 2010s, where kids were fascinated with being “edgy” and whatnot.